1 About

This document was written as a manual on the use of the online RStudio environment of the ScheldeMonitor information and data portal. This environment has been accessible through the ScheldeMonitor website since 2021. It provides accredited researchers and the partners of ScheldeMonitor with a centralized RStudio hub to do analysis and build up scripts directly based on the data and information that is held within the portal and the underlying database.

Within the manual, guidelines are provided for new users or users that are inexperienced in the use of RStudio, as well as some overall recommendations on how to keep work in RStudio structurized and comprehensible. The last chapter of this manual also provides a step-by-step breakdown on how to load data from ScheldeMonitor into the RStudio workspace.

The RStudio environment can be accessed from the website, using the following link. To access, credentials are required. These credentials can be requested here, or by sending a mail to with a statement on the reason why use of the RStudio environment is required.

It is also possible to link the RStudio environment with an existing project from the ScheldeMonitor GitHub organization. How to work with GitHub in relation with RStudio, is discussed in an additional GitHub manual.

2 Connecting to the RStudio environment of ScheldeMonitor

The ScheldeMonitor environment can be accessed at (https://rstudio.scheldemonitor.org/auth-sign-in) using your personal credentials:

These credentials are similar to those used for all other tools within the ScheldeMonitor platform, such as the data download toolbox and the E-room.

New users should first register to receive their personal credentials. This can be done using this link or by contacting the helpdesk of ScheldeMonitor stating a reason to use the RStudio environment.

The following information is needed to register on the RStudio environment of ScheldeMonitor:

After registration, your account needs to be approved by a moderator of the ScheldeMonitor RStudio environment. This process can take one or two working days.